by Willowside Park

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Re-release of our debut EP under our new name.


released March 28, 2014

All Music written by Willowside Park
All Lyrics written by Sam O'Donnell and Chris McQuire
Engineered and Produced by Al Kirkman of Crooks Recordings
Thanks also to Will Kirkman
Recorded at Casa del Kirkman, Chester
Artwork by Sean O'Donnell



all rights reserved


Willowside Park England, UK

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Track Name: Feverfew
Sometimes my mind goes off
Sometimes my head plays tricks on me
When you start ignoring me again
I can’t believe you left me here
I can’t believe you wasted my time
Then suddenly you’ll run back in my life
It’s a twisted poor illusion
A pathetic exclusion
And you’ll see me always backing up what I say
Too hard to forgive what you did
And follow up on questions
That I must have asked at least a million times
If you are not willing my dear
If you are not wanting a piece of me
Then tell me not to bother you again

I can’t foresee, what
You’re actions are and what you are thinking
Maybe, we’ll see, is just
Another way of saying you might as well just fuck me off

I've got a set of situations
I’ve got a set of aspirations
That are taking me, away if you’re bothered at all
Might as well not listen to what you say
Might as well not carry on this way
You talk me down, so I don’t feel love
I get a random thought about our times
I get a random message depicting lines
Of how you are and what is going on in your life
So I’m back to overthinking
So I’m back to incautious drinking
It’s a process, which continues in a cycle

I want to be
Content without you in my life
You don’t need me
Well, that sounds about right

I don’t need friends like you again

This can’t be the end
Track Name: 48
I should've gone to that party
Instead of wasting my night at home
You were only 15 miles away
While I just sat on my own
But I missed out on my only chance
Along with that weekend trip to France
And the time you blew me off
(You had already said yes
On the day you never showed
(I won't forget this)

Maybe it could happen
Should I go, or should I fight?
Let’s take a chance, just do this
Cause tonight it just feels right

Friends for years and a glint in your eye
Telling me there was something between you and I
Building the courage from twelve years old
To speak to you about this all
But I was just a loveless dope
Left here stranded without hope
With the warm touch of your hand
(The lure of your kiss)
You were in high demand
(Never forget this)

And it's been four years since I last saw you
You've moved on and so have I
There's always the doubt in the back of my mind
It should've been you on those nights

Don't call this
Another teenage crush

We may not have got another chance
At what we could've had
But I did a whole lot better
Than just a one night stand
And I have to say
That I'm glad things got in the way

You told me once, let’s do this
Track Name: Ties
All those years I spent
Without a sound or speech to show
I regretted anything to do with you
And all of my friends who gave up
Now stuck here, don’t give a fuck
With no courage to show or pick up the phone

Feelings I can’t escape
Keep me coming back to say
That you’re in the way
How can I end this shit today

I found you wasting away, in your usual place
You wanted to leave but you couldn't replace
The feeling of guilt and betrayal of me
That one day you once found me
Don't take this the wrong way
That one day you once found me
She was never intending to stay

She said
But you're like a different person
You're always turning up late
She said
But you’re like a different person
You’ll rot in hell with a halo
Track Name: Lullaby
They told me I was different
Said I was better than this
That I could do anything
If I put my mind to it
I was talented and gifted
The future was gonna be so bright
But, dreams can't work out every time
Let's hope it turns out right

They told me I was different
Said I was better than this
That I could do anything
If I put my mind to it
Always walking on a tightrope
One fall and I'd come off last
Expectations of everyone and everything
That fill me full of doubt

But, I've still got time
It's all in my mind
I could end up becoming anything
A cigarette salesman; a heart of gold
That's trapped as the room begins to fold
One chance is all I need, so please believe
Don't give up on me now, just wait and see
Track Name: Nothing Good Happens After 2am
I just want to know
If you're content with what you chose
Instead of me
Your tears scream that you can't be
The shake in your voice
As you told me of your choice
I hope you're haunted by me

Thinking of all the better times we had
We were meant to be not changing our path
Everyone seems to notice that we can't possibly be
Taking each other for granted
You're not forgetting me

Seeing you with him
Makes me think of all the times that
You could've been lying as you said you loved me
I stand up tall
Bide my time in case I say anything at all
That I might regret

All I wanted
All you needed
Track Name: Giving Up
I spent my nights wandering
With honest tendencies
I can’t believe what goes on sometimes
It just doesn't feel like me

It’s something that I use
To help me cope with losing a part of me
I need to find a way
Of giving up on you

I can’t defy my scars
Leading me to judge one and all
Forgotten memories of those who’ve hurt me
But, how could I go back
To the way it used to be
Can’t trust in those who say L-O-V-E

Easy to get hooked up
When there are so many who are far too eager
That’s not the way I roll
Looking for the standard I deserve

I can’t decide what’s right

We're okay
We're not giving up
We're just wasting time
In the places we've grown to love