What's Stopping Me?

by Willowside Park

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released May 30, 2015

All Music written by Willowside Park
All Lyrics written by Sam O'Donnell and Chris McQuire
Recorded and Mixed by David Page of White Bear Studios
Recorded at White Bear Studios, Chorley



all rights reserved


Willowside Park England, UK

Hi, we're a band.

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Track Name: Cabin Fever
Hate us or trust us
Just like we are lovers
Give us a chance this time

For a real sense of justice
To shame all the others
Trying to pull us down

We are still here if you like it or not

We'll turn it around this time
You'll see

Overcoming obstacles
Just like a movie
Track Name: February Weather
You're so cold
Your stare goes right through me
You're only looking for something so we disagree
Blame me for someone else's problems
Forget about how we can solve them
This February weather keeps you down like this forever

I don't care that you're upset
Because you made me feel like a worthless wretch

This isn't home
This isn't the place I used to know
And if I can't make it back
Just know you pulled me off track
Because I'm left here with nothing to show

So just go

Everything has changed
You're the only thing that's stayed the same

I can feel the tension through the walls
I can feel it breaking down
I can hear the voices from my room
But I'm used to it now

The price that you paid wasn't worth your weight in gold
But you carried on anyway

Maybe I'm wasted on you
Track Name: The Difficulty in Crossing a Field
A quiet morning in July
He left without saying goodbye
To speak business on a Sunday

Never one to feel comeuppance
Just as often as to feel success
Watching his empire from his front porch step

Footsteps they met the ground
"He'll get what's coming to him
We'll see who laughs the loudest"

Forty paces down that road
He passed an open carriage
Double take on that lane
The young man claims he vanished

A whole life lost
A field was crossed
A vile life lost
A field was crossed
Track Name: All Day, Every Day
Decisions you have made
Are not good enough for me
The trouble you now face is all your fault
The life that you create
Is just another game
So easily thrown away

Do I cross your mind
Half as much as you cross mine
Because I find
No sense in telling lies
What's stopping me from chasing? (I've wanted for oh so long)
Now I'm older and wiser (I guess that I was wrong)

And this is how it ends
With a realisation
A complication of how you feel towards me
You shouldn't be with any "someone"
Putting things to the back of your mind
You realise it's so easily thrown away

Your eyes are trapped inside my mind
Your smile could light the dullest night
My memories are keeping me from moving on
Not settling for just anyone